Will Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) BE TRUMPED!

What is going to happen to Obamacare? Are you gritting your teeth in fear that system will be torn down, or with delight that this “dysfunctional system” will evolve into something more productive. Mr. Donald Trump has wasted no time in expressing his viewpoint on Obamacare. “Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. This legislation, passed by totally partisan votes in the House and Senate and signed into law by the most divisive and partisan President in American history, has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less competition and fewer choices.” (https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/healthcare-reform)

“In August 2008, about six months before debate began in Washington on what would become the Affordable Care Act, 82 percent of Americans were so dissatisfied with the U.S. health care system they wanted it overhauled, according to The Commonwealth Fund…” (https://www.healthinsurance.org/blog/2014/10/25/the-good-old-days-before-obamacare/) It seems Americans may not agree on ObamaCare but desire a system that functions on every level of adequacy. It is apparent that many do not find ObamaCare Adequate. What are some of the problems?

Republicans are upset over costs that ObamaCare initiated and that it will contribute to an already overwhelming strained budget. While Democrats point out the benefits in cost reduction for Americans and the overall government, republicans show dissatisfaction with the initial costs and what they predict the system will continue to balloon into a dysfunctional program with even greater costs. Is the money being spent to save American’s costly insurance a burden or benefit?

ObamaCare cut $716 billion from Medicare and is investing it back into Medicaid, Medicare, and the healthcare system, by cutting the waste that insurance companies are inducing.

Recent releases show that 11.3 million Americans have signed up for the health coverage provided by ObamaCare. This number was larger than many original projects. In the coming years the projection of enrollment in ObamaCare is staggeringly large.

President Obama and Trump met and discussed the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Trump agreed that there should be a system in place, just not the one Obama has created. However, Americans must wonder what type of system, future president Donald Trump intends on building, given his public denouncing of the entire system now in place. Perhaps he has a better answer.

This system is benefiting many Americans below the poverty line and one unique feature that ObamaCare put in place was that private insurance, by law, must insure young adults to age 26. Trump may make the system better- may make worse- all we know for sure is- Opinions will never falter on this issue.