NEW E-BOOK AVAILABLE: Does This New Form of Treatment Offer Patients Suffering From Mental Illness Hope?: TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation is a good or bad treatment


You deserve to know the truth. Clinician’s have easy access to the journals I am utilizing to write this book, and most have already formulated their own unshifting and often biased opinions. Am I writing for them? No. I am not writing for the medical community. This book has been written to inform and educate the common reader of the risks, the benefits, and basis for (TMS) transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a relatively new outpatient procedure that is gaining momentum for successful treatment of major depression. (among other things) Through this process, many people forgo remission of depression, and feel happier. Yet, many people claimed to feel better after a lobotomy. (Drilling in either side of the front of the skull and barbarically cutting through brain tissue) Lobotomies were wildly accepted. Rosemary Kennedy (JFK) had a lobotomy because she was considered below intelligent and she would remain, after the lobotomy, in a facility for life.

When TMS was beginning, machinery, and overall costs were extravagant, where as now, more insurance companies are covering the procedure as it shows potential for widespread use and success. It is gaining much more momentum and approval than (ETC) electric shock therapy. Although, electric shock therapy is now much more safe, it carries a negative stigma, and may induce problems with cognitive functioning. (memory) It is thought, on the other hand, that TMS functions in many ways, like anti-depressants and ECT. It also can be done on an outpatient setting. For those suffering from chronic depression, this might be a useful tool in relieving your pain and suffering due to your emotional bondage. However, this is a prelude to a lengthy article that does what psychiatry has often failed to do- look at the treatment in a objective manner in correlation to safety. (Did I hear Walter Freemen scoff at that latter comment? [Walter Freemen is one of the father’s of Lobotomies]) There would bring nothing but joy to know that there is a treatment that is safe, effective, and possibly life altering for millions. The question isIs (TMS) transcranial magnetic stimulation that magic bullet psychiatrists have been searching for?

“…nine out of 10 big pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than on research.”

Patients Beware I

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