Homosexuality – T Cell- HIV- AHH!

Interesting Facts about HIV


I wrote a factually based historical article on homosexuality a few weeks back. It was, needless-to—say, the abridged version.

Yet, I would like to take a step forward, and tell you why I wrote that article. Yes, it is intriguing but it has a personal interest to me. I am a homosexual. To reiterate a frequently quoted statistic, “10% of population is gay.” Not true. It is much less but that does not change the fact that people are born differently.

Different is hard to get use to. In fact, I grew up in Christian School and switched because they would have my head on a silver platter if they knew I was gay. The older generation looks upon it with hesitance and I understand why- I really do. Nevertheless, homosexuality is not a disease, not a sin, and a person who says otherwise is either a Saint or a…

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