Abilify Took Over Pharmaceutical Sales

Why should I take Abilify?



Abilify was the most profitable drug in America and not just among psychotropics but in total of all prescription medications. Compared to all the other drugs, Abilify, brought in more money- a whopping $7,240,043,661. What exactly does this drug do? I think a lot of people would like answers to this question. Although, it was originally meant for schizophrenia- it progressed to bipolar- and now it is being used to treat depression. Sounds like a magic pill! No wonder its so expensive- it helps with everything! (sarcasm) However, in the progression of the drug, it has made claims to benefit even non-psychiatric illness.

Bristol-Myers is the pharmaceutical wonder that patented the drug Abilify. The lowest dosage 2mg can cost around $24 dollars – $40.51 per pill. Here is the shocker Abilify, 20 mg costs $4.33 in Canada per pill and even more ridiculous- pharmaceutical companies are paying pennies to…

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