Publication of A Book- The Self-Publishing Era

I have not been writing much lately on this blog because so many items are happening in my life. I have written a book that is over 50,000 words and non-fiction. This will be my second major full-length book.

When I began ten years ago in the field of writing the internet had not become what it is today. Amazon Kindle did not exist. It was easy for me to secure an agent and a book publisher. I may use the words “easy,” but I say it assuming talent is within. Talent is not nearly recognized presently. It is about promotion.

Ten years later I have a book that mimics Truman Capote- not in content- but in form and style in which the words curve the manuscript into completion. It is a good book and the problem is not getting a publisher to publish it- rather, getting it out into the mainstream media.

My first order of business was to, once more, get an agent. They are brilliant at what they do- most. However, that is dying field and only two agents out of ten would even consider the notion of taking me on. One told me, “They thought it was brilliant but hard to market.” Thus, I turned to publishing companies.

The publishing houses I knew had grown into self-publish companies. (Note- do not use these companies to self-publish. I guarantee you if they thought they could make money off of your book they would take royalties rather than charge you a fee for your book to be constructed. The only reason to chose this method is if your doing it for yourself)

I researched several companies and sent off query letters to them. Each one responded but there was one in particular I was interested in. They were a large firm that published 25 books a year and spent an average of 20,000-30,000 thousand in getting your book started. I had five meetings with board officials. The last meeting I had with one of the partners who said they were going to vote and he belittled my concerns over the phone- “You have above 70% approval of getting in.” I did not get in.

So it is off to the race-track again. I have already received responses requesting my manuscript but the technology, and the current standing of the publishing industry has left me at odds. I do have one or two tricks up my sleeve but I am a weary magician. There are only so many rabbits I can pull out of my hat.

– Max Baumeister

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