Star Gazer- no more?

We camped for only one night. Both Joey and I have hectic schedules these next few days, but I know what many people would say, “Why the hell even go one night?” Our progressive society is moving away from the days of being “stranded” in the wilderness, to a society of phones and tablets, and face book.  A question asked and answered. Sometimes technology can be overwhelming, not to mention life’s monotonous routine. To travel to a place that has few, of what is consider, necessities, is relieving, and our  only worry would be, will we find enough twigs to light the fire. True simplicity.

At night we went on nature trails… no … no… no… these were board walks that went deep into the marsh and were raised up by wooden beams. Joey said something that I think bares repeating. “If people took time and looked into the stars and realized how beautiful the world is, maybe there would not be so much [unrest] amongst people.” I thought about this for a while and perhaps the alcohol made it seem more profound at the time, but I think he made a very subtle but true point. We need to take the time to look around at the beauty of the earth. It is what made us who we are today.

Global warming is occurring, but apparently nobody will take action, until its to late. We are destroying our own planet. I did an article for a newspaper in which Louisiana is desecrating its marshland. Marshland that many people rely on for their livelihood. It will take over a trillion dollars to repair the marsh land in Louisiana and the oil companies that are at fault can afford stiff penalties. Not to mention, the rainforest is being chopped into kindling and pollutants find their way into our streams and sometimes our drinking water.

How could you not appreciate the beauty of this planet. I understand being stuck in rush hour traffic; not much to look at. Therefore, go on a camping trip! At least go outside and look at the stars. I fear one day the stars will be looking down on us but we will no longer be looking up at them.

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