F.D.A. and D.E.A. appears to be “D.O.A.” As This “Blockbuster” Drugs Hit America

If it is slightly confusing it is because I took it out of one of my books

F.D.A. and D.E.A. appears to be “D.O.A.” As This “Blockbuster” Drugs Hit America 

Ever heard of JWH-133? A scientist on American soil, John Huffman, came across the compound in a lab at Clemson University. Originally, it was hoped to have cancer fighting characteristics.  However, when hope vanished, it would reappear with a different purpose. This compound would originate as a blueprint for synthetic substances, such as, mojo, which is also known as cannabinoids. With a little tweaking, 100’s of chemicals was designed and artfully manufactured for profit. The main source of these synthetic chemicals originate in China, and appear under some popular names as, molly, spice, faakka, and K2. As time progressed, many of these substances were banned, but as this occurred, the chemical formula would be tweaked. These minor changes to the drugs structural makeup allowed for sales to continue as a different chemical compounds. America is currently facing a problem; as emergency room visits are rising, and the death count grows. However, presently, we do not know many of the consequences of these synthetic compounds. Most have not been studied, but dangerous effects have been linked. The creation of these synthetic products includes spraying plants with toxic chemicals that cause numerous problems, such as, severe paranoia, hallucinations, or death. The chemicals cannot be traced in the body, and users think this quality makes it a safe way to pass drug tests. In addition, it is sold across the nation in places such as gas station, and novelty shops. It is very popular among young adults, and it can lead them into serious consequences.  The DEA has pursued efforts to halt the usage of these chemicals, made arrests, and attempt to make an avenue towards legal force. However, it is an arduous task that is not being solved. As time moves on, synthetic compounds, are becoming extremely popular while companies make big money. This appears to be a new form of a “blockbuster” drugs. Drugs that are both popular and lucrative.


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