HEADLINE: Saint Nick Commits Suicide OverWeight Loss Issue

Truth- suicide rates do not climb during the holidays claims the CDC. (Center of Disease Control) Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death, with 40,000 lives taken a year, but although, the suicide rate may not peak dramatically during the holiday times, depression does increase. Why is this Christian holiday of love and joy surrounded by depression and pain.

A survey taken showed that 45% of those polled claimed they dreaded the holiday seasons. But why? According to the National Institute of Health, Christmas is a time of year in which many people experience extreme depression. Despite the CDC there is contradictory information suggesting that although, successful suicides are not as high, attempts occupy the hospitals and police forces.

There are a slew of reasons ranging from seasonal disorder to the pressure of the money that must be spent and the money that you may not even have. All valid reasons for depression. However, I have spent my life in the mists of agony (people suffering from depression- my own inferno) and I will tell you the golden reason that people hate Christmas. At least the dozens upon dozens that I know. Christmas triggers memories and not all are bad- which is precisely the problem. Those good memories remind people of a time when life was different- when they were happy- when the world made sense. I think Christmas blues can be summed up in three words- Memories and Experiences.

Now on the same note of Christmas lets talk about Christianity:

I want begin by saying I am spiritual or to be more technical, agnostic, but Joey brought me to church the other day to see the service and I had a problem with the emphasis placed on Santa Clause and presents.

As children discovers a mythical creature that they believed in whole heartily was the center of a lie, some may turn away from Christianity. Just a thought to consider.

What did I do today? I enjoyed the weather! Joey and I worked out early in the morning, and when I got back to my house I worked on a job that has been piling up. As minutes turned into hours, I found myself eating great food and opening gifts to the sound of Christmas Music. My parents were upbeat, and even I had a smile on my face. I have power over how I feel and I will not let memories and experiences drag me down. No, I would rather continue to create new and better memories and experiences. Life progresses and we get on the train and head the next station or we can just sit down on the bench and watch the world travel on by! Choices!

Kind Regards,


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