Mental Illness does not ring Christmas 🔔 Like Quasimodo!

Mental Illness does not ring Christmas 🔔

Written by: Lisa Sparrow

(Edited by M.T.B.)

What bells are you ringing Quasimodo? Those that ring good cheer? Who is this Quasimodo? Is he an outcast like the mentally ill? Are the mentally ill outcasts or is that just how I feel at times? The holidays are tiring and I think I might just get up in that bell tower and ring those cathedral bells as hard I can with Quasimodo gazing lovingly into my eyes. *sigh* The two of us have so much in common!

Mental illness is in the closet like the ole times when gay was a hush, hush topic. Is this where mental illness should be? Can we not openly discuss the fact that- no- I am not going to have a merry Christmas and you take that candy cane and shove it up your——-. Yes, Quasimodo and I- or perhaps I am merely one of the grinches who steals Christmas. Perhaps I am the only grinch. Yet, I must say, I feel the world keeps on revolving around cheer as if problems are nonexistent. It is not comfortable for normal folks to wrap their minds around mental illness. It is scary and unpredictable. At least that is how I feel. Those that do know my struggles are the ones who are the most irate that I have a problem that I had no control over! Nobody is interested in diffusing the situation- the situation is- well- stagnant. It is so not acceptable.

So on and on we go where we stop we do not know. (does that  really make any sense) But common sense says that forward is the only way. No time to grieve about the past just onward and forget the past. (not easy) Forge a new way and express ourselves and our mental illness in our past. So how do I proceed? All the manuals say to just slow down and be there in the moment. In ofter words, slow down and enjoy the ride of your days. I will rejoice that I have another Christmas to spend with my sister and my mother. I will rejoice that I have a comfortable life. No, I am not always happy, but that is okay. Yes, I dislike Christmas, but it is still important to see the positive? I think so… Yet, right now, sorry folks but Quasimodo and I have some bells to ring and they aint’ sleigh bells!

written by: Lisa Sparrow

Visit her Bipolar Videos on YouTube.





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